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Living Well With Carmel, the TV Series

LIVING WELL WITH CARMEL is a weekly, 30-minute, health and fitness series starring chef and fitness expert, Carmel Baronoff. The series is designed for viewers 45 and older, and dedicated to the premise that growing older today means new opportunities to live the life of our dreams.


Each week, Carmel will serve as America’s “Health Coach” and motivate viewers to live the life of their dreams. She will show the audience first-hand that if we watch what we eat, that is to say make sure its delicious and nutritious; stay active and exercise; and keep our minds healthy and clear, than being 45 and older can literally become the best time in our lives, as we keep ourselves fit and focused, and live well like no other generation in history.


In short, Carmel will be a cheerleader for living fully in your 40’s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. She will be a source of optimism and a role model for turning 45 and older with the promise of good health, fitness, clarity, and the unlimited possibilities of still doing meaningful and very satisfying things for decades to come.