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Power of Art Episode | Living Well with Carmel
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Power of Art Episode

The power of art lives in the many aspects of our lives; from the visual and beautiful expressions of painting and sculpture to the culinary arts and even the artistic meditation of daily exercise such as yoga. Carmel takes viewers on a colorful and creative journey as she meets up with two actors, Tina Louise (Ginger Grant from Gilligan’s island) and Tony Dow (Wally from Leave it to Beaver) who are enjoying second careers as artists. She will interact with the renowned pop artist Romero Britto as she learns from the master about the use of color. And finally using her culinary skills, Carmel teaches the art of food as she teams up with a food stylist to create a culinary masterpiece.

Silver Screen Artists

Research shows that enhanced creativity is associated with greater satisfaction as we age. All of the artistic energy we channeled as children through creative activities like coloring, dancing or playing a musical instrument challenged our minds. As adults the same theory holds true. Whether it be through painting or writing poetry, baby boomers who stay creative throughout their lives find themselves open to new ideas and experiences. In short, creativity keeps us young.

Carmel with Tony Dow at an art exhibit

No one knows that better than Tony Dow, who played Wally in Leave it to Beaver, and Tina Louise of Gilligan’s Island fame. The two actors are enjoying their second act in life as a sculptor and painter, art forms that are keeping their lives vibrant and fulfilling. Going from one creative career to another enables their minds to flow with imagination, a powerful elixir to life. Learn more about the art work of Tina and Tony as well as the art of other well known actors at: http://silverscreenartists.com/

Also learn the many benefits of keeping young through creativity. Get out those coloring books!




Romero Britto

Meeting pop artist Romero Britto was a opportunity to step into his colorful world of creativity. His art is vibrant, fun and positive. You can’t help but walking away with a smile after gazing at one of his canvases or sculptures. Learn more about this amazing artist as well as my memorable day with Romero Britto.



Romero Britto painting with Carmel

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