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Friendship Episode

Like the saying goes, those with friends are rich. Carmel hangs out with a couple of her best buddies and celebrates the blessings of friendship. Together they prepare a beautiful dinner party menu, hit the spa, take a sailing lesson and enjoy the fruits of their labor with an intimate outdoor dinner party at Carmel’s home with their significant others and a few other friends. Indeed, as the episode will suggest friends are the family that we choose.

fresh salmon with salt, spices and lemon wedges

Health Benefits of Wild Salmon 

Who doesn’t love salmon? Because the tasty pink fish can be prepared so many ways, it’s a seafood dish that appeals to just about everyone. The question becomes should we buy farm raised or wild salmon when serving up one of America’s favorite fish? My answer is undoubtedly wild salmon. Why?

First of all wild salmon has fewer calories and less saturated fat. A couple of other benefits includes the fact that wild salmon is freer of contaminants and therefore safer to eat. Also farmed salmon comes with the uncertainty of antibiotic use whereas wild salmon does not.

So next time you hit the store for a salmon purchase, keep it wild. Fish that swim in the open sea or rivers provide great health benefits and less concerns. I also prefer the taste which puts wild salmon number one on my list. Check out all the health benefits of salmon. No wonder they call it Brain Food!

Benefits of Sailing

On my friendship show I took my dear girlfriends out for a day on the water. Not only did we have fun and enjoy an afternoon out on the high seas but we also learned the benefits of sailing. Here is my short list to the advantages of sailing:

Exercise – This sport works your core just by the way you keep your balance from the tossing waves. There is also plenty of stretching and bending as you reach for a line or trim a sail.

Mindfulness – Sailing is silent. No motor noise, just seagulls, the wind and the sound of the sails. An afternoon out on the water gives you a chance to think, meditate and be one with nature.

A learning experience – I also think it’s important for us to be learning after 50 and sailing is a wonderful sport where knows no age boundaries. This sport will test you mentally and physically, offering a lot of gratification by the end of the day.

Teamwork – Most sailboats require the work of more than one person. There is a crew member to steer and navigate and another to trim sails. This requires teamwork and communication that will bind your crew together in your goal; whether it be the first to cross the finish line or just getting to your destination.

Carmel at the helm of the sailboat

Beautiful Nature – There are few sports that forces the participant to commune with nature. Sailors not only work with nature’s forces like tides, waves and wind but they are surrounded by nature’s beauty. A day out on the water will not only clear your mind but make you appreciate the beauty of the ocean; from leaping dolphins to fiery sunsets. Nature never disappoints!

Carmel, Vicky and Videl walking on the dock

Healing Power of Friendship

Friends are a treasure in your life and that is certainly true as we get older. As I write in my blog, for the vast majority of us, having good friends can help our wellbeing. Why? Friends offer emotional support. Baby boomers are at the age where many of our parents are elderly and perhaps sick or dying. Many of us have lost our parents. A friend can help you navigate through these trying times by offering advice or a shoulder to cry on. At the same time we may also be experiencing happy milestones like the weddings of our children or the birth of a grandchild. Sharing these moments with dear friends makes these momentous events precious. Friendships are truly healing, from curing loneliness, to offering comfort, to promoting great experiences, laughter and memories.

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