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Family Episode

There is nothing more powerful than the bonds of a loving family, as Carmel proves when cooking a big family feast with her mother, son and daughter. A huge advocate of staying fit, Carmel exercises with the family while enjoying a fun day at the beach. Finally appreciating the fruits of their labor, the family all sits down to eat the dinner they made and share why family is so important.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a big Christmas tradition for my Italian American family. For us a Christmas without this grand Christmas Eve dish would be like a holiday without a Christmas tree.

So what is the Feast of the Seven Fishes? Christmas Eve started out as a fasting day for observant Catholics in Italy so a large feast consisting of fish dishes reflects the abstinence of red meat until the breaking of the fast on Christmas Day. The dishes can consist of a myriad of fish, from scallops to salmon, to cod and lobster. Each family has their own unique spread of fish, prepared in various ways such as fried, marinated, even barbequed.

Family sitting around dinning room table with the feast of the seven fishes.

I happen to combine all the different types of fish together instead of serving the different fish separately. The beauty of the Feast of Seven Fishes is there are really no rules, except that it is a meal made up of seven different fish.

Why the number seven? Good question. There happens to be several different theories. Seven is the most repeated number in the Bible and appears over 700 times. One theory pertains to the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. Another says the number 7 is symbolic of the number of days it took to create the universe. Other ideas point to the seven hills in Rome or the time it took Mary and Joseph to arrive in Bethlehem. One thing I know for sure with seven different types of seafood, you will appeal to the varying tastes of every member of your family!

To learn more about The Feast of the Seven Fishes click on the links below. Also you can find my version of this dish under the Recipes tab on this site.

Health benefits of paddle boarding

On my series you will watch as I take my family for paddle boarding lessons. It’s an exercise that is perfect for families or just a wonderful way to spend a peaceful afternoon by yourself. What I like about paddle boarding is it’s an activity that can give you an intense work out depending on the current and height of the waves or if you’re in need of relaxation, it’s the ideal way to spend a tranquil hour or two on placid waters. The rhythmic paddling is almost meditative.

Whether you are looking for a tough workout for your core and upper arms or you are seeking a perfect and quiet exercise for your mind and soul amongst the beauty of nature, consider heading down to the beach or closest waterway and learn firsthand the benefits of paddle boarding.

Here are several links that detail the health benefits of paddle boarding:

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Carmel paddle boarding during dusk

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Roasted vegetable pasta in a rectangular white bowl.

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