The Two J’s Who Inspired Me

GROWING UP I was surrounded by great women. There was my mother, my aunts, numerous teachers and then there was Julia. When I think of aspects of my childhood and the women who influenced my future, Julia Child would be almost first in line.  For years, in the

Healthy St. Paddy’s Day Recipes – No Food Coloring Required!

NO DOUBT St. Patrick's Day has you wearing green. Why not? It's a longstanding tradition. The legend of wearing green goes way back to the belief that the color makes you invisible to leprechauns on this wonderfully fun Irish holiday.   The story goes that these mischievous

Make a Play-Date with Your Inner Child

DO YOU REMEMBER HER? That funny child who loved sleep-overs with friends, playing practical jokes on relatives and laughing until it hurt. Do you remember him? The little boy who played a wicked game of hide-and-go-seek, who loved running through sprinklers in the summers and building goofy snowmen with carrot noses in the winters.

Health Benefits of Blazing Apple Cider Vinegar

BEING A BELIEVER in homeopathic medicine I’m always open to the different home remedies of the areas in which I visit. While traveling to the rural mountain region of the Berkshires not too long ago, I learned of an old New England folk remedy called fire cider and its numerous healing and health properties, such

The Look of Love

THERE IS NO BETTER BEAUTY treatment than love. If I could bottle the first blush of romance and turn it into a facial cream, I would in a second! You know the visual radiance that I'm talking about? Of course you remember seeing it on yourself or one of your friends when they're in

So Many Reasons to Stay Home and Cook

I OBVIOUSLY write this blog from a bias point of view. As a chef and host of a television series that promotes healthy eating, I cannot expound enough on the joys and benefits of cooking. Frankly, I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to stay at home, to be with family and enjoy the satisfaction

Tips for a Happy and Peaceful New Year

KEEPING HEALTHY during the holidays is on top of my to-do list. Not only does staying healthy include eating nutritiously, not over indulging and exercising, but keeping my mind healthy is as equally important to my overall well being. Just as when I exercise my body,

Surviving the Holidays

Love your family. Spend time to be kind and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short.     Unknown Anyone who has lived through enough holidays, know the joys and stresses of bringing together the family. On one hand, it’s a chance to get everyone together to

Cafe Adam

THERE ARE MANY REASONS why I love the Berkshires so much. The scenery, the old world charm and the history makes it a draw for visitors far and wide. But for me the excitement in this beautiful bucolic area is getting the chance to discover the great cuisine of this region.

Traveling Over the Holidays

"Over the fields and through the woods to grandmother's house we go." The thought of traveling to a quaint destination to visit with relatives over the holidays is as cozy as a Currier and Ives Christmas print. The reality however, especially if one must board a plane, can be anything but romantic and heartwarming.

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