Get a Move on It

IT'S HARD TO argue the negative effects of exercise. Since the beginning of time, the benefits of exercise haven been preached far and wide. We use exercise to lose weight, to maintain cardio vascular health, to achieve muscle tone, to lower blood pressure - basically to feel and look younger. All good.  

Girlfriends are Golden

SISTERS ARE SPECIAL, guy friends are great, but girl friends are golden! Anyone who knows me, understands the importance of girl friends in my life. They are like sisters, though not related, always around for life’s milestones, both happy and sad. They are a support system, personal cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on, arms to

Start Horsing Around with Horseradish

HORSERADISH! What a funny name. Especially considering it’s only loosely related to a radish and feeding it to a horse would be dangerous since the pungent root is extremely poisonous to animals. Yet you have to admit that the name horseradish certainly gets your attention, as does its spicy taste that clears out your

Give Me a Hug

I’M ITALIAN SO WE love to hug. I would even bet we invented the hug or at least perfected it. Everyone knows that a good strong abbracci is the way to an Italian’s heart! We hug everybody; our children, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and just about everyone we greet. 

Forgive for Health Sake!

YOU KNOW THE SAYING, "to err is human, but to forgive is divine?" That's true because the act of forgiveness is no easy matter. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, it takes some super human powers to let things go before they turn into a grudge. It's so much easier to stay angry. So let

Let Your Mind Mold Your Muscles

THE WONDERFUL FACT about aging is even if you were not particularly athletic earlier in life, a gradual introduction to exercise can have a positive effect on the body in a short amount of time. Empowered with this information and knowing all the benefits of exercising, there is no excuse not to get out

Go On And Smile!

I LOVE TO SMILE. It feels good. A wide, playful smile is the symbol of happy and who doesn’t want to be happy? There is also the power of smiling and that’s because smiling is contagious. It spreads the feeling of well-being and as the saying goes receiving a big smile can take someone’s

The Meditation Garden

WHEN YOU THINK of a garden, beauty, tranquility, and relaxation come to mind. It’s a known fact that nature takes our stress levels down when life becomes quiet and more focused. Planting flowers, trimming hedges even weeding is a meditative action. Last year I created a Zen

Better the Second Time Around

I ALWAYS SAY PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and that is definitely one of the reasons second marriages have a higher success rate for lasting until death do us part than first marriages. Why? Second marriages enjoy the benefits of experience. We hopefully become wiser as we grow older and with that wisdom comes the ability to

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