Let Your Mind Mold Your Muscles

THE WONDERFUL FACT about aging is even if you were not particularly athletic earlier in life, a gradual introduction to exercise can have a positive effect on the body in a short amount of time. Empowered with this information and knowing all the benefits of exercising, there is no excuse not to get out

Go On And Smile!

I LOVE TO SMILE. It feels good. A wide, playful smile is the symbol of happy and who doesn’t want to be happy? There is also the power of smiling and that’s because smiling is contagious. It spreads the feeling of well-being and as the saying goes receiving a big smile can take someone’s

The Meditation Garden

WHEN YOU THINK of a garden, beauty, tranquility, and relaxation come to mind. It’s a known fact that nature takes our stress levels down when life becomes quiet and more focused. Planting flowers, trimming hedges even weeding is a meditative action. Last year I created a Zen

Better the Second Time Around

I ALWAYS SAY PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and that is definitely one of the reasons second marriages have a higher success rate for lasting until death do us part than first marriages. Why? Second marriages enjoy the benefits of experience. We hopefully become wiser as we grow older and with that wisdom comes the ability to

Farm to Table Freshness in the Berkshires

THERE ARE MANY reasons why I love the Berkshires so much. The scenery, the old world charm and the history makes it a draw for visitors far and wide. But for me the excitement in this beautiful bucolic area is getting the chance to discover the great cuisine of this region.

A Sister is a Forever Friend

I AM THE OLDEST SISTER of a large Italian American family. We were six kids made up of three boys and three girls, all living in a house designed for a much smaller family. The lack of rooms forced the girls to bunk together which became a rooming arrangement that encouraged a closeness between

Get Your Giggle on – Its April Fools Day!

TO ME THE thought of April 1st represents laughter. I came from a household where brothers and sisters (especially brothers) would play the yearly April Fools prank, which resulted in screams of laughter. Right from the start of the day you could count on finding Vaseline drenched

The Two J’s Who Inspired Me

GROWING UP I was surrounded by great women. There was my mother, my aunts, numerous teachers and then there was Julia. When I think of aspects of my childhood and the women who influenced my future, Julia Child would be almost first in line.  For years, in the

Healthy St. Paddy’s Day Recipes – No Food Coloring Required!

NO DOUBT St. Patrick's Day has you wearing green. Why not? It's a longstanding tradition. The legend of wearing green goes way back to the belief that the color makes you invisible to leprechauns on this wonderfully fun Irish holiday.   The story goes that these mischievous

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