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This New Years, Stick to the Plan | Living Well with Carmel

This New Years, Stick to the Plan

Cheers to a New Year and Another Chance for Us to Get it Right….Oprah Winfrey

It’s a new year ahead. Fresh beginnings are always an exciting time. I think we associate a new year as a clean slate, a positive stretch before us to become better than before. The future is not looming, its glistens with possibilities. Do you want to gain new friends, lose some weight, acquire exciting job opportunities, earn more money or attract your soul mate? Often times we need to make life changes to achieve these goals and that’s what new year’s resolutions are all about.

It’s about sacrifices and commitments to change. Certainly easier said than done. In fact, only 8% of us will be successful in achieving our new year’s resolution. Even if those aren’t very good odds, don’t get discouraged. I made plenty of resolutions. Some I’ve kept, others went by the wayside. With that said, I know what works and I’m ready to give you my best advice so you can achieve your goals in 2018.

Pick an Accountability Partner

Look around you and pick a friend or family member who will keep you on track. Make sure this person is honest as well as tough and will be there if you feel you’re about to stumble. Make sure you check in with this person once a week for a progress report, a very important key for accountability.

Tell Your Friends and Family Your Resolution

Also let others know of your intentions. There is something about more eyes watching you go for the prize that applies a certain pressure aimed for success. It’s not fun to disappoint. Friendly forces can keep the fires of willpower burning.


Oh and then there are some of us that need the threat of consequences. This is where your accountability partner comes in. You gained three pounds last week instead of lost weight? You were cheating on chocolate? Before you start working on the resolution, you and your accountability partner come up with something that works as a sort of punishment or task that is not pleasant or time consuming that must be accomplished when the resolution looks like it’s not being followed. My sister and I had a bet years ago and she lost. The loser had to babysit their sister’s child at any time, no questions asked. Needless to say, I got the better end of the deal.


There are those that work better for rewards, although you could argue for instance that losing those ten pounds is your reward. Regardless, the reward could be buying that form fitting dress that now fits you since you’ve gone down two dress sizes. That’s what I call a win/win!
Other tips to keep in mind are to remember to keep your goals specific. For instance, if its weight loss, don’t just say I want to lose some weight. You need to come up with how many pounds and how many months will it take to achieve that goal. Also visualize the end result and all the glory that goals with sticking with your resolution. As writer Rod Ebrahimi says, “focus on the carrot, not the stick,” This is a great motivator when you are in the middle of your struggle. It keeps your eyes on the prize. And finally, start right now! Why do you need a holiday or a date on the calendar at the beginning of the year to start your new life? Find your accountability partner, pick out that carrot and let the world know you are making changes today. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll get there.


Live your dreams…