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Welcome to Living Well With Carmel!

Join Carmel as she cooks up delicious and nutritious dishes, and shows you how to substitute fatty ingredients with healthy alternatives. We also hope you enjoy our interviews with famous baby boomers such as pop artist Romero Britto and TV legends, Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver and Tina Louise of Gilligan’s Island. Together Carmel discusses the importance of creativity for an aging population. Don’t miss our out of the box activities from aerial yoga to a challenging fitness course through an untouched forest in the Berkshires. Whether it’s sailing in Biscayne Bay or hiking through the Appalachian Mountains, we’ll take you on a journey to “view the world as your gym.”

Choose Kindness

Today we seem to be bombarded with the word “bully.” We hear about it on the news, we read about it on the web. And of course there is the bully scene portrayed in films. In fact bullying has been addressed in movies for

Turmeric, The Super Spice

The health benefits from spices are well known the world over. Since the days of the explorers, spices were worth their weight in gold, not just as culinary jewels that added flavor to the most common dish, but also for medicinal purposes that thwarted

Putting the Grand in Grandmother

A grandmother is a remarkable woman. She's a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love. She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams, and praises our every success. Author Unknown There is a reason we attach the word grand to the parenting of our

This New Years, Stick to the Plan

Cheers to a New Year and Another Chance for Us to Get it Right....Oprah Winfrey It's a new year ahead. Fresh beginnings are always an exciting time. I think we associate a new year as a clean slate, a positive stretch before us to become