Welcome to Living Well With Carmel!

Join Carmel as she cooks up delicious and nutritious dishes, and shows you how to substitute fatty ingredients with healthy alternatives. We also hope you enjoy our interviews with famous baby boomers such as pop artist Romero Britto and TV legends, Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver and Tina Louise of Gilligan’s Island. Together Carmel discusses the importance of creativity for an aging population. Don’t miss our out of the box activities from aerial yoga to a challenging fitness course through an untouched forest in the Berkshires. Whether it’s sailing in Biscayne Bay or hiking through the Appalachian Mountains, we’ll take you on a journey to “view the world as your gym.”

Get a Move on It

IT'S HARD TO argue the negative effects of exercise. Since the beginning of time, the benefits of exercise haven been preached far and wide. We use exercise to lose weight, to maintain cardio vascular health, to achieve muscle tone, to lower blood pressure -

Girlfriends are Golden

SISTERS ARE SPECIAL, guy friends are great, but girl friends are golden! Anyone who knows me, understands the importance of girl friends in my life. They are like sisters, though not related, always around for life’s milestones, both happy and sad. They are a

Start Horsing Around with Horseradish

HORSERADISH! What a funny name. Especially considering it’s only loosely related to a radish and feeding it to a horse would be dangerous since the pungent root is extremely poisonous to animals. Yet you have to admit that the name horseradish certainly gets your

Give Me a Hug

I’M ITALIAN SO WE love to hug. I would even bet we invented the hug or at least perfected it. Everyone knows that a good strong abbracci is the way to an Italian’s heart! We hug everybody; our children, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers